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National News: Mexican actress Kate del Castillo denies ever taking money from El Chapo

Posted on July 20, 2016 by Jesse Quackenbush

Photos provided by: Houston Chronicle

After more than six months bringing actor Sean Penn to Mexico to meet with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, actress Kate del Castillo is quashing rumors about any kind of relationship she had with the drug lord “El Chapo”.

Del Castillo informed media that she did not commit any crimes and never received money from Guzman, according to the Narco Blog.

Connections between del Castillo and Guzman stem from a meetup she orchestrated between Penn and Guzman back in October. Penn wrote about the amount of time it took to meet up with Guzman in an article for Rolling Stone, published in January.

Penn has admitted he was having mixed feelings on how people reacted to the article.

Guzman was arrested in January. He is in prison in Ciudad Jaurez, which borders El Paso.

Del Castillo said she never had an affair with Guzman, according to the Narco Blog. She said that her only reason in meeting with Guzman was to obtain the rights to make a movie about Guzman’s life. Del Castillo also said she no longer has contact with Guzman.

The actress lost some work because of the meeting, the Narco Blog reports, but she does have a new Netflix series in the works, which the Narco Blog said is called “Ungovernable.”

Story provided by: Houston Chronicle 

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