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Houston News: Leroy Stoots has been arrested in death of Kumba Sesay found in south Houston ditch

Posted on July 20, 2016 by Jesse Quackenbush


Photos provided by: Houston Chronicle

A man has now been arrested in the death of a 31-year-old woman whose body was discovered earlier this month in a ditch in south Houston.

Leroy Stoots, 43, has now been charged with murder for his role in the killing of Kumba Sesay, according to the Houston Police Department.

Police said Sesay’s body was discovered by a person walking through the area at about 9:30 a.m. July 3 in the 5300 block of Southwind near St. Lo, not to far from Jones High School. At the time, investigators said they believed Sesay had been killed in another location, and her body dumped at the spot where she was found.

Police said investigators later learned a dark-colored sedan of unknown make and model stopped in the area about 1:30 a.m. on the day her body was discovered and then left the area after a short time.

Investigators later determined Stoots was a suspect in the case. He was arrested Monday without incident.

Police did not release information about what led investigators to Stoots or how Sesay died.

Story provided by: Houston Chronicle

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