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Houston Murder Defense Attorney: Mark Anthony Inestroza sentenced in trafficking trial

Posted on November 2, 2016 by Jesse Quackenbush

Photo provided by: Houston Chronicle

A Houston pimp was sentenced to 35 years in prison Friday after being convicted earlier this week of forcing a teenage girl into prostitution.

Wearing an orange jail uniform, Mark Anthony Inestroza was stoic as Visiting Judge Frank Price handed down the sentence after a half-day of testimony in the punishment phase of the 23-year-old’s trial. Jurors found him guilty of compelling prostitution of a minor.

Inestroza was convicted of threatening to use violence to force a 16-year-old to prostitute herself with more than a dozen men over three days, officials said. Police began investigating when the teen’s mother called authorities after being shown online ads for the girl.

Waving hundreds of pages of paper copies of computer screenshots from an escort website, prosecutor Ann Johnson told the judge that investigators have no idea how many women Inestroza forced into prostitution before being arrested three years ago.

“These are all the women he sold,” Johnson said as she argued for a life sentence. “He is a sexual predator for profit.”

Prosecutors Friday called two other women to testify that Inestroza has a history of using violence to force women into prostitution.

Maverick Ray, Inestroza’s attorney, argued for the minimum punishment, 15 years in prison, saying the young man made some bad decisions after his father disappeared and his mother was deported to her native Honduras.

“I think drugs and depression led him down this bad path,” he said.

Story provided by: Houston Chronicle 

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