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If you have been accused of a serious crime, don’t take chances with your freedom.  You need an aggressive, experienced attorney who is not afraid to take your case to a jury.

Not knowing your rights is like not having any rights at all.  Call us now for an immediate free consultation.


Attorneys at Quackenbush Law Firm have 28 years of trial experience in all areas of criminal defense including: capital murder; murder; manslaughter; sex crimes; robbery; felony theft; intoxicated manslaughter; felony drug charges; arson; white collar; burglary; felony DWI; aggravated assault; federal and state charges.  Call 855-350-4024 for your free consultation.




If you have been charged with murder or manslaughter it is critically important that you hire an experienced lawyer who isn’t afraid to take your case to a jury if necessary. Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has handled thousands of criminal cases over 28 years and has personally first-chaired over 150 jury trials which were taken to verdict. The key to any successful criminal defense is preparation and educating the jury about reasonable alternative theories which support a verdict of “not guilty.” You need an attorney who is comfortable and competent in all areas of medicine and science. At Quackenbush Law Firm, we routinely hire expert witnesses in the following areas to help support our clients’ defenses:
• DNA Testing
• Fingerprint Comparison
• Hair Comparison
• Bite Mark Identification
• Fire Causation
• Footprint Comparison
• Forensic Accounting
• Computer Forensics
• Toxicology
• Pathology
• Ballistics and Firearms Forensics
• Biomechanical Engineering
• Cardiology and Pulmonology
• Pediatrics
• SANE Nurse Examination
• Psychology and Psychiatry
• Automobile Engineering and Crashworthiness
• Neurology
• Orthopedics
• Radiology
• Hematology

If your attorney is not willing to learn or is not capable of understanding these higher sciences, you are at an extreme disadvantage. The State of Texas will hire the best experts available to assure your conviction. Why not? They have an unlimited budget and spend taxpayer money lavishly. Don’t make a mistake by hiring a lazy or stupid attorney. You need an aggressive, smart lawyer who knows how to fight. Your freedom and life are at stake! Call 855-350-4024 for your immediate confidential and free consultation.

Houston murder defense lawyer | Houston drug lawyer | Houston manslaughter defense lawyer




If you have been charged with a felony drug offense in Texas, you need an aggressive Houston drug attorney to defend your rights.  Most people currently imprisoned in Texas were convicted of or simply pled guilty to drug charges.  The last thing you need is a lazy lawyer who is unwilling to do everything necessary to defend you.  The 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects all from unreasonable searches and seizures, yet most criminal defense lawyers rarely file motions to suppress evidence as a routine pre-trial motion.  Why?  Because the motions require many hours of research, intense legal and factual briefing and a complex evidentiary hearing.  As a general rule, you should never give the police voluntary consent to search anything.  If you refuse consent, a warrant is usually necessary.  In the event you did consent, the fight is not automatically over.  Your attorney should explore the facts to determine if you were unreasonably stopped or detained.  If either your stop or your detention were unwarranted and prolonged, your constitutional rights were probably violated and all evidence gathered from the search could be thrown out!  Don’t waste money on lazy or stupid lawyers.  You need an aggressive, smart attorney who is not afraid to fight hard for your rights.  Call 855-350-4024 for your free consultation.



The mere accusation of a sexual crime can ruin your life.  Your job.  Your education.  Your professional licenses.  Where you live.  Every aspect of your life will be adversely affected if you are convicted of a sex crime.  To make matters worse, you will be required to register as a sex offender your entire life!  Do not take chances with your freedom.  Call 855-350-4024 for your free consultation.



Few things are worse than being accused of a sex crime.  Even if you are found innocent of the charges, the stigma can follow you for life.  Because of the nature of the charges and the energy and resources that prosecutors devote to these cases, people facing sex crime charges need a Houston sex crimes defense lawyer experienced in this area of the law.

At Quackenbush Law Firm, we have successfully represent numerous clients facing accusations of serious sex crimes – frequently preventing prosecution altogether.  We believe that people accused of sex crimes deserve the very best representation possible.  Unfortunately, the rate of false allegations of sex abuse are at all time highs.

Are you under investigation for rape, child sex abuse, sexual assault, or another sex crime, or have you been arrested?  Contact as soon as possible for a free confidential consultation at 855-350-4024.

We represent clients facing all types of sex crime charges.  We understand the stigma associated with these crimes and the embarrassment you may be feeling.  Quackenbush Law Firm can help ensure that your rights are protected as you face investigation or charges for sex crimes such as:

•    Rape and “date rape
•    Statutory rape
•    Sexual assault
•    Aggravated sexual assault
•    Child molestation
•    Indecency with a child
•    Indecent exposure
•    Possession of child pornography
•    Online solicitation of a minor

We work closely with our clients to obtain relevant information regarding the alleged incident and the surrounding circumstances.  After developing our theories of defense, we focus our efforts on proving a consistent and convincing theory throughout the criminal process.

Our goal is to always obtain the best possible outcome for our client.  With our investigative skills and knowledge of the prosecution, we may be able to help you avoid conviction and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

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Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has the skill, experience, and integrity needed to successfully defend clients charged with sex crimes.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you at 855-350-4024.

How are innocent people accused of sex crimes?

First the police are notified.  Then the child and his or her parent(s) make an initial report.  In this report, the police are looking to make sure that a crime has been committed and that they have jurisdiction over the case.  If they believe that a crime has been committed in their jurisdiction they will normally schedule an interview with the child with a forensic interviewer for Child Protective Services.  In addition, the police will normally schedule a medical examination as soon as possible to see whether there is any physical evidence of abuse.  Some Child Advocacy Centers or (CACs) have a medical clinic.  Most of the time, there will not be evidence of penetrating trauma.  But the medical examiner will testify that this does not mean abuse did not occur.  In addition, the medical records may contain statements of the child as to where they were touched.  Even though these statements are hearsay, they will come into evidence at the trial because they are part of the medical records.

Then the child will be seen by an interviewer with Child Protective Services.  Normally these interviews are videotaped.  CPS has trained forensic interviewers who normally conduct the interview.  Normally, only the child and interviewer will be present for the interview.  The interviews are supposed to be done in a non-leading way using non-suggestive techniques.  However, that rarely happens.  After this interview, the child may be sent back to an investigator with the police department.  The investigator may take another statement from the child.

After this initial investigation the police will normally take sworn statements from the “Outcry Witness.”  Article 38.072 of the Code of Criminal Procedure allows the first person (who is 18 years of age or older) the child told about the allegations to testify in court.  In addition, the police will normally take sworn statements from every person the child has discussed the allegations with.

After this part of the investigation, the police can then look for corroborative evidence.  This is any evidence they think will prove the complainant is telling the truth.  This evidence can include any of the following:  Telephone records, motel records, movies, books, magazines, letters, gift cards, lingerie, photographs, e-mails, school records of complainant showing changes in grades, and unusual behavior by the person accused.  Sometimes, the investigator may request a search warrant to search the home of the person accused.  However, an investigator may try and search the home of the person accused without a search warrant.  If someone who is in control of the home such the accuser’s wife consents to the search, the police can search the home without a warrant.

Some police agencies in Texas will even have the child try and call the person accused while they are tape recording the conversation.

It is at this point the person accused will be contacted by either law enforcement or CPS.  After the police contact the person accused, they will take the information they have and see whether or not the District Attorney’s office will accept charges.  If the district attorney is presented with more than one charge, they will normally accept the most serious and most recent charge.  If they meet with someone who is under investigation, they can take their statement without having to read them their legal warnings.  This is highly unadvisable.  When the police meet with someone accused of this crime they will try and get a confession.  If they can not get a confession, they will try and get other corroborative evidence.  They may try and tell this person that they understand it was an accident and see what they say.  In addition, the investigator will try and ask the person who is being accused why the child has made this story up.  The investigator will try and gauge the persons reactions.

If charges are accepted, the person charged will have to post a bond.  In addition, the court will normally require that as a condition of bond, the person not have any contact with the accuser and not have any contact with children under the age of 17.

If you hire Quackenbush Law Firm we will want to meet with you and go over your case.  You should never meet with an investigator without an attorney present.  In most instances it is best that you do not meet with the police.

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